May 31, 2019


Attention parents and guardians:

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to be admitted to the air show.

What time do the gates open?

The gates will open at 8 a.m.

What time does the show start?

Flying operations will begin at 11 a.m.

How long will the air show last?

The air show will end at approximately 4 p.m. Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Is there a charge for admission or parking?

No. Admission and parking are FREE! You can upgrade your air show experience by purchasing tickets here to the Afterburner Chalet, but general admission is free.

Will there be handicap buses available?

Yes. There will be handicap, wheelchair accessible buses running to accommodate on and off base air show attendees. Individuals will be directed to the appropriate bus.

Do I need an ID?

No. ID is not required to enter the show. However, if you are driving on base, the driver must possess a Department of Defense ID, as needed for regular base access.

Which day will the Blue Angels be performing?

Both! The Blue Angels will be performing their amazing demonstration both days, weather permitting.

Will there be an ATM?

Yes. Multiple ATM’s will be available on site.

Can I bring food and beverages?

No. Food and beverages will be available on site for purchase, however.

Are coolers permitted at the air show?

No. Coolers are not permitted inside the air show gates. Exceptions may be made for keeping medications cool, but all containers will be subject to search.

Will it be necessary to have hearing protection?

Yes. This event will have jets that take off, land and perform. Hearing protections should be the same as you would use at any event that would be extremely loud. Visitors to the air show are encouraged to bring some form of hearing protection.

Is tailgating allowed?


Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

Yes. You may bring cameras and video recorders into the show. Please keep in mind that everything is subject to search. Feel free to use #TinkerAirShow in any social media posts you may make to be a part of our great community during the air show.

Can I take pictures or get autographs?

Yes. Many of the performers make themselves available for autographs and pictures during the air show.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, there are no pets allowed except for service animals.

Can I leave and re-enter the air show?

Yes. You can leave and return as much as you need.

Can I bring lawn chairs?

Yes. Lawn chairs, camp chairs and blankets are allowed. Lounge chairs are not permitted. Keep in mind that everything is subject to search.

Is there shade?

There are limited areas of shade available throughout the flight line. Also you can take a walk through one of our larger static displays to get a break from the sun.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, some flying demonstrations may be postponed or cancelled. However, unless the weather poses a serious threat to the safety of the visitors and participants, the show will proceed as scheduled with some modifications.

Where can I find updates to the air show?

All updates for the air show can be found on our website (www.tinker.af.mil) or social media platforms (@TinkerAirForceBase).

What is a static display?

A static display is an aircraft that is on display inside the spectator area. It is not an aircraft that will perform in the show but it will be available to view and take pictures. Many static displays will have pilots or crew available to discuss aircraft characteristics.

Will alcoholic beverages be allowed?

No. You may not bring alcoholic beverages into the air show. Beer will be available for purchase from air show vendors.

Are there any restrictions on bringing weapons to this event?

Yes. Weapons, including pocket knives, multi-tools, replica/toy weapons or pepper spray, are not allowed and will be confiscated.

Are scanners allowed at the air show?

Scanners are not allowed. We will not be allowing any electronics into the area. IPods, iPhones and such are fine to bring to the air show.

Is there wheelchair access to all seating areas?

Special wheelchair seating is available.

Can I fly my own plane into Tinker AFB?

No. Only pre-approved static display and performer aircraft are allowed to fly into the base for the show.

Is it safe to come to the air show?

Safety is always a primary concern at air shows. Tinker AFB works very closely with local and federal authorities to ensure safety. Tinker follows and enforces all security rules and regulations required. You will notice extra security at the air show, both military and civilian.

What attire should I consider?

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses, bring a hat, and wear comfortable shoes. This sounds like common sense but you’ll be amazed at how much walking you’ll do in the sun. Some may prefer the shade of a wing. Whatever your choice, come prepared to be in the elements.

I have small children. Can I bring a stroller/diaper bag/clothes change/etc.?

Yes. Strollers will be hand-searched at the security checkpoint. Please bring only necessary items in a small diaper bag, subject to search at the security checkpoint. Wagons (Radio Flyer type, metal) are not allowed.

Will there be any souvenirs available?

Yes. There will be food, drinks and souvenirs available for purchase.

Can I bring bikes, roller shoes, roller blades, skateboards or hover boards?

No. Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, roller shoes, roller blades and hover boards are not allowed on the ramp, flight line or hangar areas.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, but only in designated areas. (NOT ON THE FLIGHT LINE)

Will restroom facilities be easily accessible?

Yes. Portable restrooms will be located throughout the air show grounds. Several will be located near parking areas and along high-traffic routes.